The party is located at a wonderful rustic and remote getaway called Korsukylä. It’s located near Jämijärvi in the Satakunta region of Finland, some 70-ish kilometers north of Tampere. A GPS will tell you more. There’s a lot of parking space around the party area for your car / campervan / traktor.

MAINHALL is the main hub for all activities, demoshows, bands and activities. It’s got plenty of room, tables, chairs, stage, AV – the works.

NUTHOUSE is our secondary party area, which doubles as the party hall / sleeping area / eatery. This space will be used for something tremendously exciting! Don’t ask what, we don’t know yet. Probably for more drinking and merriment.

THE AMPHITHEATER is located near the river. This outdoor theather is perfect for artistic minds like Zados, who want to express themselves in various stages of drunkenness. How about a midnight outdoor demoshow? Or a demosceneclub party!?

OTHER ACCOMODITIES for more information about eating, sleeping, getting undirty and so forth, go check the INFO page.