Visitor registration is NOW OPEN! Please sign up the visitors list and encourage your friends to join you for My Summer Party, the most warm, hot and totally insect free summer demoparty.

Party tickets costs 40€ per partyperson. Get your partytickets, bustickets and party t-shirts from the party shop!

We’ll cap the amount of participants for 100 (one hundred people). This includes visitors, organizers, performers and hobos.

We have real sleeping mattresses for ~40 ppl, ~20 airbeds and floor/tent space for additional 40+ ppl if you bring your own camp bed / mattresses / sleeping bags. After 80 registrants you should consider bringing your own tent / rv / caravan or rent a cabin nearby.

Registered visitors

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  17. thoron of Internet of Makkara says To be, or not to be, that is the question.
  18. T-101 of Darklite ˆ Primitive says where we go now?
  19. dogo of N/A says otetaas kunnolla
  20. Wode of Doomsday says Kun hämärtää, hän kumartaa
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