Even more live performances will be announced before the party.

Jarkko Rotsten is a man of many styles. During the 20 active years of composing electronic music as Roz he’s covered most genres out there. Without sinking too deep in the swamp of sub-genres deepish, groovy techno and house are his true love. His laptop-free hardware setup consisting of proper hardware synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines.

Maunukki is an electronic music enthusiast who likes to share his carefully selected grooves, beats and surprises with his friends – and anyone else who’s willing to listen. No beatmixing promised, but lots of tunes that will make your feet move.

Jangler is known as a versatile DJ in terms of selection, ranging from drum’n’bass, through techno and house all the way to chart pop. He has experience from illegal underground raves to mainstream club nights, pool parties, corporate events and major open air stages.

PA & Lights equipment are provided by 
(AKA Jangler / Artline Design)