We are organizing bustrips from Helsinki via Tampere  to the  the party place and back.

Bus Ticket price includes both ways, to the party place, and back. Some refreshments are probably included in the bus ticket price!

Remember you also need a separate party entrance ticket!

Get your partytickets, bustickets and party t-shirts from the party shop!

Bustrip ticket costs:

  • From Helsinki to Jämijärvi partyplace and back: 40€
  • From Tampere to Jämijärvi partyplace and back: 25€

Bus will leave from Helsinki (exact spot tbd) at 15:00 on Friday 6.7. so you will miss the 1st “gathering and building it up” day. With your own ride u’re welcome to come on Thursday.

Tampere busstop estimate is about 17:00. Place to be is the railway station. We’ll send you details before the trip, don’t worry.

Partybus is provided by Linja-autoliikenne Kauhanen