Am I invited?

This Party is focused on celebrating old farts from Accession (and as a sidequest, Byterapers). Because of that and party venue size limitation, we limit our guests as follows:

You are automatically invited if

  • You are current or an ex Accession or Byterapers member or
  • You have participated in previous Acc or (B) parties as a guest or
  • We have already talked and you are invited or
  • You’re our dear friend or
  • You’re oldschool mate or new generation chap we like or
  • You ask nicely if you can come

You are probably not wanted here if

  • You have idiot habits when drunk/sober or you tend to wreck places, people or things
  • You are a generic asshole or just plain boring

This event is for friends. Good¬†behaviour is expected. Don’t touch other people or their stuff without asking, and be nice.¬† Misbehave and you will be thrown in the nearby river.


Korsu (Bunker) is a sleeping area that houses 15-30 people. There’s a good chance it will be vociferous (read: filled with snoring people) and odorous (read: farty). Bring your own linen and/or a sleeping/snoring bag. And probably ear and nose plugs.

Aitta (Shed) is a sleeping area for 15 persons on two floors. Have no fear, this one will also be noisy and farty. Again. you need to bring your own linen or sleeping bag. And plugs of your preference.

Mutteri (nuthouse) offers place for both day and night activities. Daily it’s place for polishing your products or just hang out and stay dry while it’s raining. Nighttime it’s reserved for sleeping. We’ll provide plenty of airmattresses, just bring your own linen or sleeping bag.

Your own tent is more than welcome. There’s loads of space. You can pitch it near the main buildings or further away. Just build it up while there is still light, and please make sure you find it in the dark. Bring a flashlight!

Sleeping quarters are a no-noise-area between 22:00 – 10:00 (that’s 10pm – 10am). No drinking, talking, (loud) sex or any other noise. Except snoring and farting. And if you can do something to prevent yourself from snoring, please do it. But don’t hold a fart in, it’ll rot your soul.

If you feel uncomfortable with the snug accomodation space, there are excellent rooms for rent pretty close. You’ll need a car though or use the local taxi service.


There is an outdoor kitchen for making and eating your own food. It is pretty basic, though. There’s a gas powered BBQ and a fireplace, but not much else. But what else do you really need? Few fridges are available for FOOD ONLY. For cold beverages, bring your own electric coolers.

Freshing up

Yes, we have toilets in Finland. There’s two (2!) traditional, no-bullshit outhouses with no water, but plenty of smell! You haven’t experienced Finland until the brown python of the previous toilet-goer pokes you in the butt when you sit down. For the more prissy people who want amenities like toilet paper, there’s modern sloshing and flushing WCs. Your choice. But please don’t hold it in the whole weekend.

For keeping yourself fresh (and please do!) there are two (2!) really nice and big saunas with showers and an outdoor bathing tub “palju”. And of course an outdoors shower. And for the naturalists, a big-ass river just a trench run away.

What should I bring?

    • Bring your own cutlery! A Spork(TM) would be the best. Please no glass pints, use preferably metal glasses and such to avoid accidents.
    • Enough food and booze to sedate a small rhino.
    • The sleeping quarters have a very limited number of actual beds. You’ll need your own linen and/or a sleeping bag. A mattress is a good idea, but the floor space is limited as well so please no huge airbeds for just your own fat ass.
    • If so inclined, your own tent to crash in
    • A toothbrush and maybe some toothpaste would be nice if you plan to speak with people
    • Lots of interesting hardware. There’s electricity after all!
    • A compo entry? Or make one on the spot!
    • Don’t forget food and Beeeereverages! Plenty of both. Enough to share.