We are going to run all traditional demoscene compos.  Only thing YOU need to do is go creative and participate! Glory for the winners, but there’s also massive (read: meager) prizes!

General rules

  • Remote entries welcome, contact the compo team
    • However, all physical prizes will not be mailed. Come and get ’em later perhaps?
  • All contributions must be previously unreleased.
  • If the production can not be shown with the compo machines the author has to bring a suitable, allowed-by-the-rules machine on which the production can be shown.
  • Resolution of the video projector will be 1920×1080
  • All rules, even the compo rules, can be subject to change.

Compo categories

  • Realtime
    • Can be demo, intro, any hardware, exotic computers or whatever
    • You can bring your own hardware
    • Compo machines present at the party place are:
      • PC i7-4790K 4Ghz, 16GB DDR3, nVidia GTX1070 8GB, SSD, Windows 7 & 10
      • Amiga TBD
      • C64 TBD
  • Music
    • Music in any form and for any hardware. Please submit an .mp3 recording only.
  • Graphics
    • For graphicians and other artistic fellas. No limitations, just make it your own. ‘
    • Submit as a .png only.
  • Rude Graphics
  • Photo
    • For the rest of us who have no skill for the other compos.
    • Only minor retouching and adjustments are allowed
      • crop, straighten, lens corrections, scale, color temperature, exposure adjustment
    • Do not add or remove elements from the picture.
    • Composite photos are not allowed.
    • You have to be the creator of the photo entered.
    • Submit as .png only.
  • Comic Strip
    • Create your own epic story with drama arches – you are both comic artist and writer.
    • Draw it manually. True analog, pen and paper. Grab in advance printed templates.
    • Paper size is A4 landscape, no more nor less than three (3) comic panels.
    • Submit as A4 to Compoteam. Remote entries are not allowed in this compo.
  • Wild
    • Anything home made in video format, go wild! Submit in video file (mkv, mp4, avi).
    • This can also be a live action production. Live entries will be showed at the last.