This is your reminder checklist what you should remember when coming to My Summer Party and what things would be nice if you bring them with you.

Computer places

  • Extension cords! Remember these. We provide only one power input per table.
  • Computer places are available in two main buildings, main party hall and secondary “humppamutteri” building, which also serves as “bring your own mattress” sleeping area.

Food & Drinks

  • Two large industry sized refrigerators are reserved only for your foodstuffs!
  • If you want to keep your drinks cold, bring your own cooler(s). Remember extension cords!
  • If you are coffee drinker, bring some coffee with you in case we forget it.
  • We provide microwave oven and coffee makers.
  • Outdoor kitchen has both gas and wood barbeques.
  • Bring your own kitchen equipments for eating (spork!) or disposable gear.


  • We have lots (50-60) mattresses. If u’re late comer, take your airbeds or similar with you
  • You should bring your own bedlinen or at least sleeping bag

Staying clean

  • Bring your own towel and soap & shampoo
  • Remember to wash your skin BEFORE going to sauna and palju
  • Showers are little bit rural (kuuppa)

Parking & Camping

  • Leave your car to the designated parking area¬†
  • You can camp with your tent anywhere you want but we encourage you to keep your distance from the party ppl to avoid practical gags.
  • Leave enough space between buildings for organizer quad runs!