My Summer Party is the new summer party


My Summer Party will take place in the same legendary spot that Byterapers had their last birthday thing 2 years ago, and now Accession is going to use this same exact spot. Byterapers also are going to have a 64/2 birthday and since that is half a C64 in years, we’ll mention it here.

Now back to the important part

So Accession will turn 30 and you will be there because why would you not be there? There will be compos, summer, Amiga, demos, music, beer, tremendous amounts of light because summer, and the usual things that you can expect from Finnish demoparties. Except a lot more because 30. And 50. And 32.

So we all suggest if you do not live in Finland that you figure out how you’re going to get there, because you are going and that is all we have to say about that.


Your ass is coming to Finland this summer, and it is going to My Summer Party.

Disclaimer: Could this be the time when Truck finally releases his Amiga demo?